About us


Infokorp Varaždin d.o.o. was established in 2020 as a company owned by Infokorp d.o.o. Shortly after, the accounting firms In-time d.o.o. and Knjigovodstvo Zibis d.o.o. were incorporated into Infokorp Varaždin, forming a reputable accounting company with around twenty employees. 


In 2022, the parent company Infokorp became part of the international BDO group and changed its name to BDO Infokorp, while Infokorp Varaždin specialized in cloud-based services. 


Virtualization, automation, and digitalization from a technological perspective, coupled with quality support and ease of collaboration, are the primary business characteristics of Infokorp that we believe enable long-term satisfaction for our users and facilitate them in achieving their goals.

Our team

Alen Korpar, Company Leader

Anica Martinec, Payroll Team Leader

Antonia Zagorec, Accountant

Elizabeta Črnila, Accountant

Ema Novak Brežni, Bookkeeper

Irena Jambrečić Nemec, Accountant

Ivana Gerić, Payroll Processor

Ivana Šprem Bešenić, Bank Accounts Processor

Jelena Mikulčić, Accountant

Jelena Šestak, Office Manager

Karla Gašparić Kunac, Bookkeeper

Maja Međimurec, Bookkeeper

Martina Cmuk, Accountant

Melanija Vidović, Bookkeeper

Petra Kušter, Accountant

Silvija Strugar Belač, Bookkeeper

Suzana Blažin, Payroll Processor

Štefica Dreven, Accountant

Valentina Bosilj, Payroll Specialist

Valerija Meštrić, Accountant